Sep 202011

  ATS Update – September 2011 – Volume 1 Issue 1

Top Items:

New OTS Blog

Google Apps and GMAIL migration

iPad Pilot Program

LMS Evaluations




New OTS Blog
A brand new blog has been set up for announcements, technology tips, status updates, and other helpful information from the Office of Information Technology.

Please check out the OTS Blog at

Google Apps and GMAIL are Coming!!!
By the end of the year, all student and adjunct faculty email accounts will be migrated to the new Immaculata Google domain.

Benefits of Google Apps: (Why we’re switching)

Power and convenience

  • Gmail gives you a full 25 GB of storage for your email, which is considerably more than the storage you had
  • Now, you no longer need to store messages in on your computer.
  • Innovative features to help you work more efficiently, including email labels, email conversations, and Google-powered search.
  • ALWAYS receive your email and have your messages received by others.

Easy access

  • Log in to Google Apps from any computer, anywhere to get email, check your calendar, or collaborate on a document.
  • If you’re remote or on your home computer, you can still access Google Apps in your web browser.
  • Never lose data, even if your computer crashes or is lost or damaged.
  • All your work is hosted and safely backed up on Google’s secure servers instead of on your computer.

Better collaboration and productivity

  • Coordinate meetings and events by sharing calendars that anyone (or just a select few) can view alongside their own agenda.
  • Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that multiple team members can view and edit all at the same time.
  • Send and receive instant chat messages right in your Gmail window.
  • Build team web sites to quickly publish all sorts of shared information, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, videos, and gadgets
  • Share videos with your team or throughout the company to get your message across in style

For more information on this initiative, please visit our FAQ at

Faculty iPad Pilot


Submissions have been received from over 35 faculty and staff members in response to our announcement earlier this month. These submissions are currently being reviewed, and the stage 2 pilot participants will be selected within the next few weeks. An announcement will be sent with the list of all the pilot participants by the end of the month.

Project Overview:

Participants will be provided with an iPad2 device, smart cover, charging unit, and user guide. All pilot participants and will be required to take part in a series of individual / small group discussion sessions as well as complete a series of questionnaires designed gather experiential insights and feedback on the functionality of the devices. The pilot program will continue through the close of the Spring 2012 semester, at which time, our findings and recommendations will be provided to IU leadership.

LMS Evaluations

We have tested, compared, contrasted, and investigated dozens of alternative products, and finally selected two ‘finalists’: Desire To Learn (D2L) and Moodle Rooms Joule 2 Platform. Next month, the Academic Technology Council will be completing this evaluation process following on-site demonstrations of both finalist systems. All faculty are welcome to attend the product demonstration sessions. The findings and final recommendations of the committee will be made available in early November.