Nov 182011

It is important to backup your computer and Mars files periodically throughout the year.  You never know when you might delete something accidently or your computer hard drive will crash.

Here is how to back up with a Flash/USB drive

  1. Insert Flash drive into USB port
  2. Open you’re My Documents or Mars drive
    a)  Copy files by choosing the ones you want to backup.  To do this Hold down the CONTROL(CTRL) key on your keyboard, and select the first file. Then while still holding down that button, select the second, third, etc. file with the mouse.   After choosing the files to copy go to File and then Copy
    b) If you want to copy all files go to File and then choose Select  All

      3.   Once the files are copied go to My Computer and double click the Flash Drive (E or F drive).  In the flash drive window go to File and then Paste


If you need any help with this you can contact the helpdesk at 610-647-4400 x1234

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Nov 152011

#BigMarker webinar for using the BigMarker Conference Room.

They will answer any questions you may have about what it means to be a presenter, moderator, or attendee, host a public or private conference, or have a Lecture Room versus an Open Discussion Room. 

Wednesday, November 16th, at 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US & Canada)

So whether you don’t use it yet, have just become a member of or presented conferences before, you can sign up attend “How to Use the BigMarker Conference Room” this Wednesday.

Reserve your spot for the 1 p.m. (Eastern) conference (afternoon session) here:

Reserve your spot for the 8 p.m. (Eastern) conference (evening session) here:

Nov 102011

Blogs, Wikis, and the Web 2.0 World

November 17th 2011

12:00PM to 2:00PM

Media Classroom in Gabriele Library

Come join us for an open door, roundtable discussion centered around effective use of blogs and wikis in the academic environment.

We will talk about how these technologies can enhance your instructional model, be used as e-portfolio and practicum support tools, or just leveraged as new mediums you might use for communicating with your students.


FREE for all Immaculata Faculty and Staff!

Lunch will be provided!

Seats are Limited!

Advanced Registration is Required!



(select ‘ATS Lunch & Learn Sessions’ from the options on the right)

Nov 092011

OTS is pleased to report that the system monitor logs show 99.75% system uptime for 2011!

Nov 092011
Technology Tip
Locking your computer

It is Immaculata policy to lock your computer while you are away from it for a period of time.It is important to protect your digital files when you are away from your computer.  Remember to lock your computer when you leave it unattended just as you would a file drawer.   This will make it more difficult for unauthorized personal to gain access to personal and confidential information.

Here’s how -Lock your computer or log off when away from your desk (press ALT-CTRL-DEL, then Lock Workstation or Log Off).

-Unlock- press ALT-CTRL-DEL and login with your username and password.

Nov 092011


I wanted to let you know that we have recently discovered that Internet Explorer v9 is not compatible with Native Banner (left side of Banner).
If you receive a message to update Internet Explorer contact the helpdesk to make sure it is the correct version.

Thank you!

Nov 042011

All – OTS will be taking a maintenance window starting tomorrow night at 11:30 PM. We will be upgrading our network SAN and this will affect ALL network services – internet, shared files etc.

The process will take approximately 2 hours. Thank you for your understanding