May 162012
Important Reminder!
Time is growing short…

We will be using the new
Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
for Summer 2012 Session Courses!**

Time is running out, and we want to help you to be prepared!
Don’t wait until the last minute…

We are providing many resources and support options to help you get ready!

Student User Guide
A Quick start guide for all students is located online at

Teacher User Guides
There is a comprehensive User’s Manual located at:
It is recommended that you read and review the materials in this manual to begin familiarizing yourself with the new system and its features. 

Video Tutorials
There are training videos available online on YouTube in the IUFACULTYDEV channel to get you started:

On Campus Workshops
Faculty MOODLE training sessions are being provided so you are ready to teach this Summer using the brand new MOODLE LMS!!

Online Virtual Training Courses
Faculty can access the comprehensive self paced online Moodle training courses and workshop session archives at

Self Help
Self Help Materials, FAQs, Tutorials, and links to other resources are available on demand at

**note –  May 1 Accel courses are still administered in ANGEL. Contact Accel program for details or questions.