Oct 122011


Over the past few months OTS has researched several different methods of communicating news, status updates and tech tips across campus.  To communicate news,  OTS is going to use Twitter, Outlook Email and our OTS Blog .  

 Outlook Email: will be used only for System Status updates, operating hours, maintenance windows, virus alerts etc  These emails will be on an as needed basis  

Twitter and OTS blog

Twitter: IUTechServices and ImmaculataATS      Blog: http://ats.immaculata.edu/ots-blog/        

     Posts will be daily including FAQ’s, Tips, latest technology news, etc    

The format of the daily emails will be slightly different since we are now using third party email system called sendible.   The emails will come from the address ImmaculataHelpDesk.     If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let me know.     

Faith Fawcett,

MSIS Manager  of User Services                                                                                                            

Immaculata University