For Students


Getting Started – Student Checklist


You will have two main accounts while here at Immaculata:

Your MACNET network account  is used on campus to log into computer workstations and labs, as well to access library resources.

Your myIU account is used to access the university portal for grades, records, and registration, to get your email, and to access the online Learning Management System (LMS).

Set up your laptop/desktop:

You can connect your device to the university network for access to the internet and university file storage.
There are a few things you will need to do to prepare your devices for use on the university network.

Don’t have your own computer? Use on-campus computers:

Check your email:

Immaculata Students all receive an official email account through Google Apps. All official correspondence with the university uses this email.
You can access your Google Mail through the myIU Portal, directly through a special web page, or you can receive it right on your cellphone!

Access Online Materials for Classes through Moodle:

MOODLE is the university’s official Learning Management System (LMS). All classes that are 100% online are facilitated through MOODLE, and many professors teaching face-to-face classes also use it to provide handouts, reading notes, lecture materials, and even assignments and quizzes.  Not all face-to-face courses use MOODLE, so be sure to ask your professor!

Figure out which textbooks you’ll need:

Get familiar with resources on the Immaculata web: